Our purpose is to inspire and empower talented women in science, who have a strong background in research, to take the next step in their career. We help early career talents to pursue flexible career paths and support them in building an international network. The Falling Walls Female Science Talents programme pursues both the broad-based promotion of women in science and the promotion of exceptional talents.

In our Intensive Track, we provide close support for 20 exceptionally talented women in science. The goal is to increase their visibility and help them achieve a personal career breakthrough within one year. The selected champions get the opportunity to meet outstanding women leaders and are matched with high-profile mentors. They participate in intensive trainings both online and in-person in Berlin. Regular meetings encourage the 20 women to build an international network for the purpose of peer learning, peer coaching, and mutual support. We promote the champions’ international visibility and impact by including their stories and achievements in Falling Walls Social Media campaigns, and having them speak in a public event set during the Berlin Science Week in November each year.

Intensive Track 2022 champions and their mentors will awaken your understanding of the complexity of science and the community of those who do science, and highlight the link between sustainable innovation and gender equality in this video.

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