Thank you for joining us at the Falling Walls Science Summit 2023, where the brightest minds in science, politics, business, and the media came together.

From 7–9 November, we convened in Berlin to explore the forefront of scientific breakthroughs and emerging trends that shape our world.

The Falling Walls Science Summit is a prestigious three-day gathering uniting experts from various scientific disciplines to explore groundbreaking research and foster collaborative solutions for the challenges of our time. As a global platform for scientific exchange, this annual event serves as a catalyst for innovation, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and promoting breakthrough thinking.

Programme Overview

The Falling Walls Science Summit 2023 unfolded over three days, each with its own unique focus and purpose. Check out the Livestreams by clicking on one of the days. Soon, the Science Summit Clips will be made accessible in our Content Library. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

7 November - Falling Walls Pitches

A day of live pitches in the following categories: Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab) for the next generation of outstanding innovators. Science Start-Ups (Falling Walls Venture) for the science start-up community. Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage) for inspiring science engagers.

The pitch winner from each category will receive the title of the Science Breakthrough of the Year 2023 and return to the stage for the grand finale of the Falling Walls Science Summit on 9 November.

8 November - Falling Walls Circle

Our format to debate the contribution of science to society. Global science leaders from academia, government, business and society discuss the biggest challenges we face and the foresight that scientific breakthroughs can offer. Be our guest and join these international debates as part of the audience with high-level experts from science, industry, politics and civil society.

We are pleased to announce various topics we will dive into during the panel discussions at Falling Walls Circle.

Plenary Tables

  • The Implications of AI for Science: Friend or Foe? | Supported by Springer Nature
  • Climate Action Future | Supported by Frontiers 
  • Altering Medicine by Cell and Gene Therapy | Supported by Bayer & Berlin Institute of Health
  • How Generative AI Can Revolutionise Therapy Development | Supported by Sartorius
  • Driving the Solar Energy Transition: Building a more Resilient & Secure Energy Supply Chain | Supported by  Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
  • Transatlantic Science Bridge in Key Science & Technology Developments | Supported by DESY & Carnegie Science
  • Perspectives & Challenges in Quantum Computing | Supported by six quantum ecosystems in Germany
  • Precision Prevention in Health: The Power of Genomics | Supported by Helmholtz Munich

Round Tables

  • Demographic Shifts: Challenges & Best Practices of Ageing Societies Worldwide | Supported by Berlin University Alliance & University of Oxford
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Cell | Supported by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

  • Training Scientists for the Future – Is the PhD still up to Date? | Supported by Elsevier

  • Six Months After the Elections – Turkey’s Role on the International Arena | Supported by Stiftung Mercator

  • Advancing Science to Save the Planet: Recent Breakthroughs in Planetary Boundary Science | Supported by Frontiers Research Foundation

  • Unleashing the Potential of AI in Education: Shaping Tomorrow’s Learning | Supported by Vodafone Foundation & Weizenbaum Institute

  • Integrating Ethics & Public Engagement into Scientific Discovery | Supported by Kavli Foundation


  • Volkswagen Foundation Symposium for Breakthroughs in Social Sciences & Humanities | Supported by Volkswagen Stiftung & WZB Berlin Social Science Center
  • Else Kröner Fresenius Symposium for Breakthroughs in Life Sciences | Supported by Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung (EKFS)
  • Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Symposium for Breakthroughs in Physical Sciences | Supported by Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation

Sciencepreneurs Forum

  • Opportunities for Open Innovation in Healthcare | Supported by Berlin Partner

SPRIND Sciencepreneurship Symposium

  • Talent development systems to cultivate deep tech innovation
  • How to shape and lead innovation-driven organisations in science & research?
  • The data conundrum: how to measure and track culture change?
  • Next-gen innovation policies to effectuate transformational change

9 November - Falling Walls Breakthrough Day

Celebrating the forefront of scientific advancements on 9 November

For the 15th time since its inaugural edition in 2009, the  Falling Walls Breakthrough Day on 9 November, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, will bring together a curated group of international experts from various academic disciplines as well as the Science Breakthroughs of the Year laureates. They will share their outstanding research across all scientific areas, focusing on the overarching question, “What are the next walls falls to fall in science and society?”

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Falling Walls Winner Interviews 2023

This year, we invited our Falling Walls Winners to expand on their research through a series of four in-depth interview questions. Take a deep dive into these great minds at the forefront of innovation as they aspire to claim the title of Science Breakthrough of the Year in 2023!

Global Call Finalists & Winners 2023

Discover the finalists and winners of this years Global Call across various categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences & Humanities, Art & Science, Science & Innovation Management,  Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage) and Science Start-Ups (Falling Walls Venture).

Congratulations to all these exceptional individuals who have advanced to this stage and to those who have emerged as winners! To explore the full list of finalists and winners, simply click on the buttons provided below.

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