SciAccess: Breaking Down Barriers to STEM
Zero-G / Steve Boxall
Zero-G / Steve Boxall

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SciAccess: Breaking Down Barriers to STEM

2023 2023 Winner Project | Engage Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

SciAccess breaks barriers for disabled individuals in science through 4 key initiatives: 1) AstroAccess, where Disability Ambassadors conduct zero-gravity experiments aboard parabolic flights for accessible space exploration; 2) Zenith, connecting blind students worldwide with space science mentors for leadership opportunities; 3) The SciAccess Conference, uniting global participants to advance disability inclusion in STEM; and 4) The SciAccess Working Group, discussing accessible STEM progress year-round. Access to science is unequal despite universal laws. SciAccess combats underrepresentation and unequal treatment of disabled individuals in STEM. Despite being 15% of the world’s population and 25% in the U.S., disabled students enroll and graduate in STEM at lower rates, with only 2% earning STEM PhDs. SciAccess promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, mentoring, and advocacy. This advances opportunities for disabled students and advocates justice and equity in science, on earth and beyond.

Anna Voelker

SciAccess, Inc.

Anna Voelker (they/them) is the founder and Executive Director of SciAccess, Inc., an international nonprofit promoting disability inclusion in STEM education and research. Through SciAccess, Anna leads programs like AstroAccess, focused on disability inclusion in space exploration. AstroAccess Ambassadors have conducted research on five Zero-G flights, breaking barriers for Disabled astronauts in space. Anna specializes in accessible science outreach and public speaking, delivering presentations on space science accessibility across continents. They were named a 2018 Brooke Owens Fellow and 2021 Future Space Leader, and Held positions at various renowned institutions, including NASA centers, leading universities, and influential astronomical organizations.

Events with Anna Voelker

Tue | Nov 07, 2023 | 02.00 PM - 05.30 PM Berlin Time

Falling Walls Engage Pitches – Session 3: Empowering People to Explore Earth and Beyond

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