Breakthrough day

Celebrating the forefront of scientific advancements on 9 November

For the 15th time since its inaugural edition in 2009, the Falling Walls Breakthrough Day 2023 on 9 November, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, brought together a curated group of international experts from various academic disciplines as well as the Science Breakthroughs of the Year laureates. They shared their outstanding research across all scientific areas, focusing on the overarching question, “What are the next walls falls to fall in science and society?”

The Summit’s grand finale provided a unique opportunity for global science leaders, researchers, CTOs, science strategists, science funders, and media professionals to exchange ideas and explore new solutions to current issues, making it a truly interdisciplinary event.

Past speakers include Özlem Türeci, Ai Weiwei, John Jumper and Meredith Whitaker, you can watch their and many other inspiring talks of the last years below under “Past Speaker Highlights”.



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