The nominating institution Max-Planck-Institute on the breakthrough:

I led an interdisciplinary team of computer and behavioral scientists, to study how humans think about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. We designed a game, the Moral Machine, in which people decide what a self-driving car should do when it is faced with a two unavoidable crashes. Should it kill one adult to save two children? Should it save its two passengers to save five pedestrians crossing a red light? The game engaged more than 4 million people from all over the world, who answered more than 80 million dilemmas, enabling us to study their preferences and identify cultural differences in AI ethics. The game got covered by the world’s leading media outlets, was exhibited in museums, and now appears in high-school textbooks to teach young people about the ethical implications of AI.

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Citizen Science, Digitalisation, Education, Foresight, Science Communication, Science Policy, AI, Informal Education, Future Skills

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