Sciencepreneurs Forum

Convening leading scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, and policy makers to investigate how to improve the way science creates sustainable and valuable impact for society

Welcome to the Sciencepreneurs Forum, where we connect innovators and decision makers at the intersection of Science and Entrepreneurship. Our forum serves as a catalyst for science-based start-ups, social innovation and technology projects. 

For Sciencepreneurs: Your role as a Sciencepreneur holds immense potential to introduce tangible solutions with significant global impact.

For Investors: Embark on a vital role in nurturing the ecosystem and fostering the growth of emerging sciencepreneurs.

For Policy Makers: Shape the political framework within which novel technologies operate, paving the way for ethical and effective progress.

For Researchers: Contribute your expertise to refine innovation policies and investments.

Our Mission:

  • Elevate science-based start-ups to unprecedented heights by dismantling structural barriers across all tiers.
  • Nourish and expand innovation ecosystems to their fullest capabilities.

2024 is a pivotal year to rebuilt planetary and human health.
Are you ready?

Join us and determine what and who leads Science into action.

Contact: Nicolas Rode

Executive Advisor
Tel: +49 30 60 988 39-755

Sciencepreneurs Articles & Videos


Start-up Pitches

Falling Walls Venture is the global competition for the most promising science start-ups nominated by first class academic institutions from across the world. Nominate a science start-up or get involved in the selection process.

Falling Walls Circle – Round Tables

From presentations to open discussions – drawing attention to pressing issues of Sciencepreneurship.

Falling Walls Circle – Background Tables

Invitation-only events with global leaders on current developments. Participants interact in open, confidential discussions that foster disruptive thinking.

Falling Walls Circle – Symposia

Unique format to bring together thought leaders to discuss key issues and ideas to accelerate the ecosystem.

VC Lunch

Sebastian Turner, founder of the Falling Walls Foundation and Christian Miele, Board of Trustees of the Startup Association, Headline General Partner Europe, invited deep tech investors to discuss the current state of deep tech and the upcoming Falling Walls Sciencepreneurs Forum. Here is the Sciencepreneurs presentation:

Networking Events

You can sponsor a lunch, coffee break or an evening event like an individual dinner. A unique opportunity to connect with our international audience and experience serendipitous networking. Check out the Sciencepreneurs Night. It is a highlight on 7 November.


During the Falling Walls Science Summit on 7 – 10 November, the Sciencepreneurs Forum brings together science and entrepreneurship-related activities under one cohesive umbrella. 

Pitch Day – 7 November: On 7 November, Pitch Day unfolds, featuring live pitches dedicated to science start-ups (Falling Walls Venture). The pitch winner from each category received the title of the Science Breakthrough of the Year 2023 and returned to the stage for the grand finale of the Falling Walls Science Summit on 9 November. At the Sciencepreneurs Night the community gathers to celebrate the global innovators.

Circle Day – 8 November: Our format to debate the contribution of science to society. Global science leaders from academia, government, business and society discuss the biggest challenges we face and the foresight that scientific breakthroughs can offer. Be our guest and join these international debates as part of the audience with high-level experts from science, industry, politics and civil society.

Breakthrough Day – 9 November: On the anniversary day of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Falling Walls Breakthrough Day sets the stage for outstanding research through inspiring presentations. A​mong them are the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year laureates.

Unconference Day – 10 November: This innovative format, intended to encourage natural interaction, has garnered enthusiastic support from both attendees—who actively shape its content—and organisers, affording them a degree of relaxation. Serving as the new fourth day of the summit, with its non-agenda approach, this day offers a unique platform where discussions about the future agenda can organically emerge, building upon the inspiration gleaned from the preceding three days.

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