Explore the pioneering work of Jeffery Kelly, a distinguished figure in the field of chemistry and neurodegenerative disease research. Discover how he’s developing novel therapeutic strategies for tackling neurodegenerative diseases through his research on protein aggregation. Join us in exploring the potential of his groundbreaking drug development and its promise for patients worldwide.

Which wall does your research break?

The Kelly lab demonstrated pharmacologically and genetically that protein aggregation drives human neurodegeneration–lowering the barrier for multiple drugs to be developed subsequent to his that slow neurodegenerative disease progression.

What inspired or motivated you to work on your current research or project?

I read a research paper in the Rockefeller Library in 1988 that motivated me to demonstrate that neurodegenerative diseases were caused by aberrant shape changes in proteins.

In what ways does society benefit from your research?

We have and continue to make drugs for unmet medical needs.

Looking ahead, what are your hopes or aspirations for the future based on your research or project?

We are current pursuing lysosomal flux activators that hasten the removal of misfolded and misassembled proteins, with the promise that this type of drug would slow most neurodegenerative diseases.

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