SciAccess breaks barriers for disabled individuals in science through 4 key initiatives: 1) AstroAccess, where Disability Ambassadors conduct zero-gravity experiments aboard parabolic flights for accessible space exploration; 2) Zenith, connects blind students worldwide with space science mentors for leadership opportunities; 3) The SciAccess Conference, uniting global participants to advance disability inclusion in STEM; and 4) The SciAccess Working Group, discussing accessible STEM progress year-round. Access to science is unequal despite universal laws. SciAccess combats underrepresentation and unequal treatment of disabled individuals in STEM. Despite being 15% of the world’s population, disabled students enroll and graduate in STEM at lower rates, only 2% earning STEM PhDs. SciAccess promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, mentoring, and advocacy. This advances opportunities for disabled students and advocates justice and equity in science, on earth and beyond.

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