Female Science Talents 20 Meet 20

07 November 2022  //  Spielfeld Digital Hub Berlin

20 Champions of Intensive Track (Falling Walls) and the 20 Fellows of the ZIA-Visible Women in Science (Zeitverlag) – two groups of excellent women scientists from Germany and around the world – came together on 7. November at Spielfeld Digital Hub in Berlin. This International Fall Gathering of exceptional talents was an excellent occasion to celebrate women in science. On top the event offered a platform to exchange ideas on science communication, leadership, and digital transformation.

The 20 Meet 20 format was opened by Ylann Schemm representing our strategic partner the Elsevier Foundation. Ylann introduced the policy of Elsevier and Elsevier Foundation and gave an overview of all projects that are supported by Elsevier and Elsevier Foundation to promote diversity and gender equality in science. To sum it up, it was a fantastic keynote on Female Leadership and Science Communication. Thank you for the inspiration, Ylann!

"The research community shapes the future. Let’s work together to create a groundswell of inclusion and progress in the scientific endeavour."

– Kumsal Bayazit, CEO Elsevier

Masterclasses from world’s top specialists offered behind the scenes insights into leadership during the digital transformation and science communication.

The first Masterclass by Tracey Brown (Founder Sense about Science), Bettina von Jagow (Foudner Jagow Advisory) and Miriam van Straelen (Partner Roland Berger) focused on the experiences of the panellists, currently holding positions on boards at universities, and executive boards in the industry. Questions of good leadership and overcoming obstacles they have encountered along the way were of special concern for all participants. This offered the opportunity for the young female scientists to experience first-hand approaches breaking through the ‘glas ceiling’ on their career path and to learn from established women leaders.

The second Masterclass by Alexandra-Gwyn Paetz (Executive Director of the Berlin University Alliance), Serena Parekh (Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion from Northeastern University) and Julia Schnabel (Professor of Computational Imaging and AI in Medicine at TU München) discussed science communication and how young scientists can build a good network. Furthermore, the panellists gave advice on how women in science at an early career stage can find out in which ways they want to communicate. They gave the new generation valuable advice on how to break through the institutional barriers and how to deal with setbacks both in private and in public.

International Fall Gathering, First Masterclass

International Fall Gathering, Second Masterclass

The intensive exchange of young female scientists with today’s female leaders ensures the transfer of knowledge across generations. Only this way we can break through the walls and overcome barriers in a sustainable way so that each generation can continue to work on what previous generations have started.

This event was kindly supported by our partners, the Bayer Foundation, the Elsevier Foundation, German Research Foundation (DFG), the Körber-Stiftung, and Roland Berger.

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