Veronika Settele

University of Bremen

Veronika Settele


Veronika Settele is a historian of modern times at the University of Bremen. In her first research project she sought to understand how farming techniques, food infrastructures, and the politics of international trade interacted practically and economically. Veronika has pursued these topics in two monographs, Revolution im Stall: Landwirtschaftliche Tierhaltung in Deutschland, 1945–1990, winner of the Volkswagen Foundation’s Opus Primum Prize, the German Thesis Award and the Friedrich-Meinecke-Prize) and Deutsche Fleischarbeit: Geschichte der Massentierhaltung von den Anfängen bis heute. With her current research project, “Behind the Norm. Practices of Sexuality between Secularization and Scientification, 1848-1930”, Veronika has been a junior research group leader since 2023.

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