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Year 2019 Winner Project | Engage 2019 Engage Winners

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María Pin Nó


Science-me a story is a contest of short scientific stories. The aim of the initiative is to promote storytelling as a communication tool to bring Science to kids and inspire their scientific spirit in a fun and enjoyable way while motivating researchers to write about their experiences. Adult contestants from all over the world submit their short stories in either Spanish or English. These need to be adequate for primary school children and present any scientific or research related topic. Then, two judging panels of scientists or Science communication experts or writers choose the awardees (a winner and a second and third mention) for each category. These are presented at the closing ceremony in autumn, where they receive a monetary prize and a printed copy of the awarded stories.

The Spanish winners and the most voted texts are published online in the Science communication magazine Principia, while the English awardees and finalists are posted in the website of the Literature and Science Hub of the University of Liverpool, where they can be accessed for free. Social media is extensively used throughout the whole cycle of the contest to engage with both contestants and potential readers.


More information about
María Pin Nó, Member of Spanish Researchers in the UK AND of Science-me a Story, Spanish Researchers in the UK (SRUK)/Centíficos Españoles en Reino Unido (CERU)

María Pin Nó was born in Barcelona and graduated in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2011. That same year, she moved to Paris to obtain a master’s degree in Molecular Chemistry at Paris 6 (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). In 2016, she completed her PhD in the University of Liverpool studying the cycloisomerisation of dienes under the supervision of Dr. Christophe Aïssa. She is currently working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, equivalent to a Research and Development Chemist, for the University of Nottingham and Cornelius Specialties developing sustainable plastics. She has been actively involved in the community of Spanish Researchers in the UK since early 2017. Her great interest in Science communication pushed her to become a co-founder of Science-me a Story, which runs its second edition; attend Big Van’s theatre techniques to deliver Science talks and collaborate in other appealing projects. She also loves signing, which she usually does with the group 5Alive in Cambridge.

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