2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Hi, I am Ömer Faruk KOÇ and the founder of Move On. As Move On, we work with Computer Vision & AI & Electromechanical technologies within the scope of Agriculture4.0 and Industry4.0. We are currently working on our TASAI Agriculture 4.0 project, which we are progressing in the R&D process. We performed the first project setup for a sod harvesting farm customer successfully. Our field tests showed that the poor quality costs were reduced by around %10. As Move On, we have high value-added solutions that bring together this and similar AI & electromechanics. For this reason, we work with our team of engineers with interdisciplinary competencies in the fields of computers, electrical-electronics and mechatronics. At the same time, we can analyze the needs of the market very well since we have friends who are both farmers and engineers in our team. We would like to present our business, Tasai, look for networking opportunities with investors & business partners and extended global reach.

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