Michael Totzeck

Carl Zeiss AG

Michael Totzeck

2020 Jury | Engineering & Technology Engineering and Technology Jury 2020 2020 Jury | Remote Breakthrough Day Engineering and Technology

Jury: Engineering and Technology

Michael Totzeck received his PhD in physics from the Technical University of Berlin in the year of the break of the Berlin Wall. After heading a group on high resolution microscopy at the University of Stuttgart he joined in 2002 Carl Zeiss as a principal scientist for polarization optics. In parallel he teaches technical optics and was appointed as honorary professor by the University of Konstanz in 2013. In 2015 he became a Zeiss Fellow. He is author and coauthor of 70 patent families and >30 papers in refereed journals. His research interests comprise any kind of science that has to do with optics, in particular imaging, metrology, lithography, quantum technology and digitalization.

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