iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber

United Kingdom

iLoF - Intelligent Lab on Fiber

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

iLoF is enabling a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles.

We are leveraging machine learning to drastically reduce the cost and time of drug discovery, and providing screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast, portable way.

We save 40% of the total costs for screening and 70% of the time spent screening for clinical trials. By using a non-invasive test, we transform the patient experience and make trials convenient and patient-centric

Supported by leading institutions like Microsoft Ventures, Mayfield or the Oxford University, iLoF is currently focusing a validated platform technology in one of the biggest epidemics of our times: Alzheimer’s, while maintaining ongoing verticals on Digestive Cancer, Stroke and Infectious diseases.

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