Today’s major imbalances between the haves and the have-nots of the developing world and richer countries, together with the local and international conflicts of the 21st century, are pushing healthcare finance into a completely new era, where private players are also called upon to have a decisive role. Among the international organisations moving in this direction, UNITAID has achieved remarkable progress in a very short time: founded in September 2006 on the initiative of Brazil and France, with the goal of lowering the price of treatments for HIV / AIDS, malaria and TB in developing countries through market-based interventions, UNITAID already has a budget in excess of $1.3 billion, by including in its governance structure the UN, governments, private foundations (such as the Gates Foundation) and civil society, as well as a growing number of Member States. Denis Broun took up the post of Executive Director of UNITAID on 12 September 2011. Previously a specialist in pharmaceutical policies at the World Bank, and European director of Management Sciences for Health, he has worked in the fields of public health and health economics for more than 25 years. At Falling Walls he will shed new light on how to direct apparently contrasting interests towards the same global challenges.

Dr. Denis Broun has been serving as Executive Director of UNITAID from September 2011 until January 2014, bringing to UNITAID extensive policy dialogue and field experience, having for the past 25 years worked in public health and health economics with a large network of partners in government, civil society, private sector, foundations and international organizations. Prior to joining UNITAID, Dr. Broun was regional director of UNAIDS for Europe and Central Asia, after having been director of partnerships for UNAIDS in Geneva and UNAIDS country coordinator in India.

Dr. Broun’s background in the UN extends also to his time as chief of health of UNICEF in New York and as director of resource mobilization at the World Health Organization. Dr. Broun’s longstanding interest in and commitment to pharmaceutical policies and expanded access to medicines may be illustrated by his engagement as the senior specialist of the pharmaceutical sector in the World Bank, as European director of Management Sciences for Health and in his capacity as former board member of a private Indian generic company and an American Foundation working on access to medicines in Africa. Dr. Broun holds a medical degree from Paris University with specialization in tropical medicine and epidemiology. He is moreover a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences. In addition to his native French, Dr. Broun speaks English, Spanish, Russian and some Hindi.

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