Aline Sara

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Aline Sara is the co-founder and CEO of NaTakallam, an award-winning social enterprise that hires displaced persons and their host community members as online tutors, teachers, and translators. With a background in journalism and human rights, Sara is working to disrupt the ways in which we typically think of humanitarian aid and leverage the digital economy to promote sustainable solutions to major crises such as forced migration.

Under Sara’s leadership, NaTakallam has distributed $1,700,000+ in self-earned income to conflict-affected populations by connecting them to 12,000+ learners and dozens of organizational clients, worldwide. Sara is a Cartier Women’s Initiative, Summit & Halcyon fellow and has been a speaker at numerous high-level events, including TechCrunch Berlin & several OECD, UN, and World Bank conferences. She is a passionate advocate for human and women’s rights and intercultural exchange.


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