Do you engage the public with science?

Are you aware of or involved in a Science Engagement initiative focusing on climate change and actively involving the public in science? We invited nominations or applications during the Falling Walls Global Call 2024 in the Science Engagement category.

The Falling Walls Engage Pitches take place annually in Berlin on 7 November as part of the Falling Walls Science Summit, which runs from 7-10 November. This in-person event brings together the global science community.

Selected Science Engagement practitioners have the opportunity to gain international visibility and connect with other inspiring practitioners engaging audiences with science worldwide.

Please find information on this page about the application process.

Falling Walls Global Call 2024


Science Engagement

We define Science Engagement as activities, events, or interactions bridging the gap between science and society to generate mutual learning and mutual benefits across the spectrum of public engagement in science and interactive science communication.

Engagement is per definition a two-way process with the goal to shape and co-create scientific process together, to promote active involvement of publics in scientific knowledge production.

From 2024 on we will set a special focus on climate change, sustainability and innovation. In particular, we are looking for creative projects focusing on sustainability and climate adaptation impacting target groups who are dealing with the effects of climate change. The projects applying for the Falling Walls Engage Pitches are required to address climate adaptation as a core element.



We define the impact of Science Engagement initiatives as long-lasting improvements on people’s lives. By offering opportunities to participate actively in scientific processes and become an integral part in scientific developments, Science Engagement empowers people to make informed and fact-based decisions. Thus, it has a positive impact on the empowerment of all people, co-creative knowledge production, the perception of scientific facts and overall the wellbeing of our society.


Selection criteria:

  • Impact (40%): Initiatives with measurable and significant, lasting and sustained positive change that occur on people’s lives and climate change as a result.
  • Innovation (30%): New, unique, inspiring, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking projects that tackle the biggest challenges of our time.
  • Approach (20%): Participatory formats of all levels: from public panels to arts-driven or entertaining approaches to co-productive research, the common ground is a two-way process with the goal to shape and co-create scientific knowledge together.
  • Overall Impression (10%): Structure and quality of application. On 7 Nov: Structure and quality of pitch presentation on stage.

The Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year, Science Engagement is an exemplary, inspiring, and impactful initiative that:

  • breaks down walls between science and society with its individual approach on climate change;
  • engages with people in the process of science, promotes opportunities for co-learning, co-leadership and co-creation and creates excitement for and trust in science;
  • shows a project that is new, unique, innovative, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant/nominee must be 18 years or older when submitting the application.
  • The project/initiative must already be running and active at the time of the application. Being in the funding or idea phase is not considered as a running project.

For some inspiration, check out our winners from previous years!


STEP 1 – 30 Finalists

A pre-selection committee will go through all received applications and select 30 Finalists (June)

  • A list of the 30 Finalists with their project websites and social media handles will be published on the Falling Walls Engage website (June/July)
  • Onboarding into our global community of Science Engagement practitioners via a virtual community session (July)


STEP 2 – 20 Winners

An Advisory Board (previous Winners) will select 19 Winners (July) and a selected team of our partner Hannover Re Foundation will choose one Wildcard Winner (July)

  • The list of the 20 Winners with their project websites and social media handles will be published on the Falling Walls Engage website (July/August)
  • Onboarding into our global community of Science Engagement practitioners via a virtual community session (September)
  • Digital pitch training workshop (October)


STEP 3 – 1 Science Breakthrough of the Year

A Jury will select 1 Science Breakthrough of the Year (November)

  • Be part of the Engage Community Day with co-learning workshops and more (6 Nov)
  • The 20 Winners will pitch their projects on stage in Berlin (7 Nov)
  • A distinguished jury will select one Breakthrough of the Year (7 Nov)
  • The Breakthrough of the Year will present on stage at the Falling Walls Breakthrough Day (9 Nov)



7 – 10 Nov 2024 – Falling Walls Science Summit 2024 in Berlin*

*the event format and timeline is subject to modification depending on external factors


How to apply

  • STEP 1: click on the button above “Nominate or Apply Now”
  • STEP 2: Register for our platform
  • STEP 3: Choose “I want to apply directly”
  • STEP 4: Choose the category “Science Engagement”
  • STEP 5: Fill in your application
  • Get a confirmation email with further information regarding the competition process.

Applications close: 15 May 2024  (23:59 CEST) (extended deadline)

Terms & Conditions


Benefits for all 30 Finalists

  • Unique networking-opportunities with like-minded Science Engagement practitioners & professionals  and peers around the world.
  • Increased reach and visibility for you and your initiative on a global level.
  • Access to a digital and global community network to connect and collaborate with community members.
  • Inclusion of your Science Engagement project on the World Engagement Map.
  • And much more.

Extra benefits for the 20 Winners

  • Get a travel scholarship for Berlin from 5.-10. November 2024 and a ticket for the Falling Walls Science Summit 2024 and showcase your project to an international audience and a distinguished jury on stage on 7 November.
  • Have the chance to become the Science Breakthrough of the Year 2024, Science Engagement.
  • Have in depth co-learning and peer exchange with Falling Walls Community members, partners and global leaders.
  • Your live pitch published in our growing Falling Walls media library.

Extra benefits for the Science Breakthrough of the Year

  • Pitch your project in front of a physical and virtual audience of global leaders, award-winning professionals, media, and industry-experts on 9 November on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Science Summit.


Do you know a Science Engagement project that would be a perfect fit? Nominate now.

We would like to showcase the most exciting Science Engagement initiatives from across the world and reflect the diversity in the field. For this, we invite you to nominate an inspiring project run by an individual or organisation you know, and to spread the word about the possibility to nominate someone for this year’s Falling Walls Engage Pitches.

Please note: If you would like to apply with your own Science Engagement project, you can do so without being nominated in the first place. You can directly apply via our application form. 

  • STEP 1: Click on the button below “Nominate Here”
  • STEP 2: Register for our platform
  • STEP 3: Choose “I am nominating”
  • STEP 4: Choose the category “Science Engagement”
  • STEP 5: Fill in your nomination

After your nomination, the nominee will be contacted via email and invited to apply. You will also receive a short confirmation email.

Nominations close: 15 May 2024  (23:59 CEST) (extended deadline)

Terms & Conditions


For further information about Falling Walls Engage Pitches 2024, please consult our FAQ here.

If you have further questions, please reach out to:

To get to know more about Falling Walls Engage, check out our About Page.

We are proudly supported by our partner the Hannover Re Foundation.

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