​​Falling Walls Engage is the global platform for Science Engagement hosted by the Falling Walls Foundation in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

We believe that public trust and involvement in science plays a central role in addressing global challenges, achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and contributing to the overall wellbeing of society. Our mission is to connect and support established and emerging Science Engagement stakeholders to generate mutual benefits for science and communities all around the world.

We showcase successful Science Engagement projects and inspire knowledge transfer within a global, inclusive and supportive community. We create unique opportunities for exchange, collaboration, and capacity building for current and future practitioners, as well as institutions, and the public. We strive to embed Science Engagement on an institutional level and establish it as an asset to any scientific career.



We define Science Engagement as activities, events, or interactions bridging the gap between science and society to generate mutual learning and mutual benefits across the spectrum of public engagement in science and science communication. Engagement is per definition a two-way process with the goal to shape and co-create scientific process together, to promote active involvement of the public and researchers in scientific knowledge production.

At Falling Walls Engage we seek participatory formats of all levels: from co-productive research and public panels to arts-driven or entertaining approaches – the common ground is the inclusion of and impact on all sides involved.


The Falling Walls Engage community is a dynamic international network made up of former Falling Walls Finalists, partner organisations and events participants. The community takes part in activities all year round, with a focus on co-learning, cross-sectoral exchange and knowledge transfer. These physical and digital events are a unique opportunity for Science Engagers to compare experience from different regional contexts, formulate common challenges, and build intercultural and interdisciplinary synergies.


After a long-awaited in-person Falling Walls Science Summit 2021 that reunited the science community internationally, Falling Walls looks forward to hosting the next years Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin again. From 7 to 9 November 2022, three days of exciting events, debates and meetings will bring people together to find solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.

The 5th Engage Finale will take place as part of the Falling Walls Pitches on 7 November, both in-person and livestream.

We are looking forward to welcoming 20 inspiring Falling Walls Engage Winners who will pitch their project onstage in Berlin in front of an international audience to compete for the title of the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year in the Science Engagement category.

Meet the 50 Finalists for 2022 here, and discover our Winners here.



Initiated in 2020, the Falling Walls Engage Hubs aim at building a global community of Science Engagers by connecting national and regional Science Engagement networks from around the world. Currently operating in 9 countries, the international Hubs offer a space for practitioners to share expertise and best practices, discuss challenges of local-global relevance and envision new international collaborations.

Find out more about the international Hubs here.

International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE) IN 2027

With the International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE), the Falling Walls Foundation hopes to inspire and empower people across the globe with knowledge, tools, and platforms designed to widely share their know-how, skills, and experiences. It will provide the interactive space in which the citizens of the world can engage with science and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This global initiative aiming to take place in 2027 will build the momentum necessary to engage more voices and more minds with science and showcase its opportunities and contributions directly. It will equip the international community with relevant tools and engage scientists worldwide with diverse stakeholders and the public to build consensus, test solutions, and enable change.

Find more information about this initiative on the IYSE website.


With a focus on long-term outcomes, Commitments to Action (CtA) are an opportunity for Science Engagers to address a specific challenge and increase impact in Science Engagement. Open in format and collaborative, Commitments to Action serve as a ground for concrete action among supportive peers.


We are continuously working on new and exciting formats and channels to fulfill our mission and further spread the importance of Science Engagement around the globe. Most of our endeavours are directly supported and co-created by many individuals from our valued global community of Science Engagers.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, if you would like to partner up, host an Engage community event or have an idea we should talk about: contact the Falling Walls Engage team via

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