2015 Venture Winner 2015 Venture Finalist Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Ozge Akbulut

Nominated by

Sabanci University


Surgitate produces synthetic organ models at affordable prices providing realistic feel of incision, dissection, and suturing. In the medical market, there exist anatomical models, which are utilized to teach basic operations. These models are designed to be utilized several times; thus, their high price tags are legitimized. However, surgical models that involve cutting, dissection and suturing are scarce and when they exist, their price prevents their use except in a few institutions in developed countries.
Surgitate fabricates synthetic breast models that surgeons can i) cut with scalpel and scissors, ii) sew, iii) remove a small/large volume, iv) feel malign/benign tumors, and v) manipulate the position of the nipple. This tactile simulation platform assists surgeons to improve their surgical skills and facilitate their learning process. This breast model does not exist in the portfolio of other model producing companies. Surgitate also produce skin and vascular models of different sizes to enable practicing a variety of techniques from basic suturing to flap surgery. In these generic products, Surgitate has the cost adjusting upper hand due to low set up costs and salary level in Turkey.

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