Iris Haberkorn

Singapore ETH Center, Singapore

Iris Haberkorn

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Dr. Iris Haberkorn is a food technologist who’s vision is to leverage food system sustainability through technological innovation and novel raw materials relying on single-cell value-chains to ensure resilient, climate-smart food systems that sustain a growing population. Holding a doctoral degree from ETH Zurich she combines expertise in food science, biotechnology, and engineering. Focusing on alternative proteins from microalgae her research perpetuates their economic viability through process innovation. Breaking new ground, she is the leader of a new flag-ship project based in Singapore where a holistic concept aims to establish resilient urban food systems harnessing single-cell value-chains. Acting at the forefront of future food system development she aims to deliver the scientific fundamentals to foster single-cell viability and deliver nutritionally rich, affordable products that sustain a growing population and maintain planetary health.

I want to establish a resilient urban food production platform. I want this, because we need to foster the transition to climate-smart food systems that ensure global food security. I can do this, because I am working together with an extraordinary team of academic experts while ensuring applicability through the support of globally leading industry players and governmental organizations.

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