Clerio Vision Inc

United States

Clerio Vision Inc

2015 Venture Winner 2015 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
J. Mikael Totterman

Nominated by
University of Rochester


We are developing the next generation low power laser-based platform that has the potential to revolutionise the vision correction market by enabling non-invasive, non-surgical permanent correction of near sightedness, farsightedness and other vision issues.  While glasses can address poor vision, they do not cure or prevent vision loss, and often carry social stigma in developing countries. Contact lenses offer a better solution, but many users are not able to use them for longer than ten years.  Finally over 40% of individuals who undergo LASIK suffer unintended side effects due to the invasive nature of the procedure. Unlike invasive surgical approaches (such as LASIK) which are based on tissue removal (i.e., photo-ablation), our LIRIC technology (Laser Induced Refractive Index Change) uses very low power laser energy to permanently change the refractive property of the cornea – enabling non-invasive “writing” of corrected optics directly into cornea with no pain, no incisions, no tissue removal and no propensity for dry eye or other common side effects associated with LASIK laser surgery. This solution has the potential to replace glasses and contact lenses for nearly a billion people worldwide, enabling better quality of life, economic and social outcomes.