The nominating institution Sophya on the breakthrough:

The ENTIRE world is dearly missing the organic, face-to-face, synchronous interaction that was life before coronavirus. Today, schools, companies, teams, startups, and even families feel socially disconnected, isolated, lonely, and unproductive. Sophya solves these problems by combining breakthrough ‘social’ technology with the right toolsets for schools, companies, and teams to bring back productivity, connection, and a buzzing social life. Sophya uses spatial video / audio technology, so that to interact, people simply walk up to one another with personalized characters in authentic custom spaces (their REAL class, office, town, etc.) – and they can teach, learn, work, or just hang out together, all in the browser. No more Zoom links, downloads, or confusion. Let’s bring back connection.

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Covid-19, Cultural Memory, Digitalisation, Education, Future /green cities, New Work, Resilience, Social Cohesion, Learn smart, Ed Tech, VR, Learner centered

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