Espacio Ciencia is the interactive science center of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay. Open since 1995, Espacio Ciencia was one of the pioneering interactive science centers in South America. As a reference institution in science engagement in the country, it allows every year thousands of students to discover that science can be more fun, interesting and closer to their daily lives, while thousands of families find a fun and educational way of entertainment.

Espacio Ciencia, has a fundamental role in supporting both the educational system and the overall society. In this way, it improves knowledge quality and equity in science education across Uruguay.

During the past 25 years Espacio Ciencia had developed different science engagement programs, workshops to students and teachers and interactive exhibitions. Espacio Ciencia is the biggest science center in Uruguay and is the most visited museum in Montevideo. The science center is open every year from May to November, six days a week. More than 50.000 people visit it during this time, a significative number in Uruguay. More than 70% of these visitors are from the educational system (preschool to media education) and 40% of them visited the science center for free as part of our program to support vulnerable context institutions.

In 2019, a new building in the annexed Technological Park of LATU was renovated and opened. The renovation involved a new museography concept incorporating technology, and new themes based on the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Latin America & The Caribbean


Avenida Dra. María Luisa Saldún de Rodríguez 2037, Montevideo Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Type of Organisation


Focus Area / Approach

Exhibition, Public Outreach Event

Impact Towards SDGs

Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 10: Reduced Inequality

Main Target Group

Kids (<12 years old), Youth & Students (>13 years old)

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Contact Person

Espacio Ciencia – Laboratorio Tecnologico del Uruguay
2019 2019 Jury | Engage Engage Jury Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Martha Cambre is the Executive Director of RedPOP (Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Popularization of Science and Technology, 2018-2021) and the Executive Chief Staff of ‘’Espacio Ciencia’’, the biggest science center in Uruguay that belongs to the Technological Laboratory of the country.

She is a Chemical Engineer and has a postgraduate degree in Development and Applications in Interactive Museography of the University of Barcelona. Her experience is based on the management of an interactive science center, leading and taking part actively in the teams of educational and design of exhibitions and visitor activities since 1996.

She actively participates in science engagement programs such as IEEE or OAS. She was part of national and international juries, academic committees, groups of research and publications in Latin America as part of RedPOP activities, among others. Martha Cambre is also involved in the International Committee program that organizes the Science Center World Summit.

In 2018-2019 she was also responsable for the museografic design of the new “Espacio Ciencia”, the project coordination and the launch of the renewed science center.

During her active participation in RedPOP for over 15 years she has developed research in the field of science popularization in cooperation with other Latin and Ibero-American institutions, written different articles for regional publications as well as participated as part of jury or academic member in the review of works for different events. During these years, she has developed a network of museums references in Latin America and the rest of the world.

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