What we do

What does Falling Walls Science and Innovation Management do? 

Every scientific breakthrough owes a part of its success to institutional structures and political frameworks that enable and support outstanding research. At Falling Walls Science and Innovation Management we celebrate people and projects who enable scientific breakthroughs and who catalyze innovation processes; we host open conversations on how the full potential of science to yield innovations is unleashed; and we break the wall between the enablers of innovation in science and business.

What do we mean by “Innovation”?

Innovations are responses to the great challenges of our times, to build a better future. Innovations can be disruptive when they have the potential to entirely change our ways of life, or they can be incremental developments in outstanding research and its application. At Falling Walls, we want to embrace both of these perspectives on innovation and curate the most visionary initiatives in Science and Innovation Management.


How we Evaluate Innovation



Innovations should clearly demonstrate identification of the problem the idea solves, for whom the solution applies and the levels of expected and real impact.

Scalability and likelihood of replication

Innovations should clearly demonstrate the (perhaps first) insights into the initiative’s potential to scale and the likelihood of replication. Does it have a high degree of transferability to new contexts for others to adopt?

Accessibility & Efficacy

Innovations should clearly demonstrate how the initiative contributes to increased effectiveness, ease of access and inclusion (e.g. in terms of openness of activities, resources, technology and infrastructure used) and for whom.


Innovations successfully crafted or implemented a new approach, method or platform that is enriching innovation environments.

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