Makings of a Malignancy


Makings of a Malignancy

2020 Winner Project | Engage 2020 Engage Winners

Makings of a Malignancy is a world-first, portable, cancer biology-themed puzzle room. Using an escape room as a unique and innovative platform, we’re explaining the complexities of cancer through an immersive experience. Highlighting prevention messaging and modern therapeutic challenges, we’ve exhibited to various audiences throughout Australia. In early 2020, we were moving to a sustainable revenue model by hosting the room for non-profits, museums, scientific conferences and festivals.

Dr Ken Dutton-Regester is the founder and Executive Creative Director of Excite Science, a creative studio using immersive experiences to explain complex cancer biology in fun ways. From escape rooms to extra reality, Excite Science invokes nostalgic and pop-culture themes to make scientific content relatable and memorable.

A highly recognised science communicator and keynote speaker, Ken is constantly exploring different communication platforms to make science engaging and accessible to diverse audiences. In recognition of his achievements, Dr Dutton-Regester was ministerially appointed to the Questacon Advisory Council in 2019 (Australias National Science and Technology centre).

For over a decade, Ken has also served on national and international professional leadership bodies, advocating for early career researchers for organisations including the American Association for Cancer Research and National Postdoctoral Association. Recognising the challenges facing academics, Ken created the Youtube channel Stemventurist to share his learnings to help researchers succeed in their careers, inside or outside of academia.

A cancer researcher of over 14 years and past Harvard Medical School Research Fellow, Dr Ken Dutton-Regester still retains an active research program and has been exploring new ways to prevent and treat late-stage melanoma.

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