Helen van Baal
SPACE10, Kasper Kristoffersen


Helen van Baal

2022 Speaker | Sciencepreneurs Sciencepreneurs 2022 Speaker Falling Walls Circle

Helen is the Global Venture Lead at IKEA and a co-founder of the Berlin based Kaospilot school for leadership and activism. With 10+ years of experience at the intersection of design, innovation and strategy her main focus is to apply the principles of design and creative collaboration to create impact. Systemic thinking, value-driven leadership and a maker mindset are at the heart of her practice. Her work revolves around questions like: How to create a better life for people and planet? How to enable financial inclusion? How to disrupt the educational system? And, how to enable organisations to scale positive impact? Find out more about her and her work here: https://www.helenvanbaal.com/




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