Global Call for the Women’s Impact Award 2024

Launched together by Falling Walls Female Science Talents and the Elsevier Foundation in 2023 as the Women Breakthrough Award, the prize initially distinguished three women scientists of the year who conduct visionary research while also engaging with issues of gender equity and equality in science. This year, the Women Breakthrough Award becomes the Women’s Impact Award, a category which is now part of the Falling Walls Global Call. This year’s Global Call, which took place from 1 March to 15 May 2024, has officially closed.

With the Women’s Impact Award, we seek to recognize women* in science who are conducting research projects related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are looking for exceptional talents who engage in interdisciplinary, ground-breaking research in their respective fields and contribute to gender equality and diversity in science and academia. The three shortlisted projects, referred to as the Winners, will be selected by a distinguished Jury and invited to participate in an in-person Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner in Berlin on 7 November 2024, as part of the International Fall Gathering hosted by Female Science Talents. Among the three Winners, the Jury will select one final Science Breakthrough of the Year in the Women’s Impact category. The recipient of this award will present on the grand Breakthrough stage at the Falling Walls Science Summit on 9 November 2024.

*Falling Walls Female Science Talents uses an inclusive definition of women and welcomes submissions from cis and trans women, genderqueer and non-binary people.


You can either nominate someone else or directly apply. Below you find everything you need to know for your submission. We recommend that you read all the information carefully and look forward to receiving your nominations and applications.


  • Universities and research institutions
  • Companies with research labs
  • Scientific foundations
  • Partner organisations of Falling Walls
  • Leading scientists in their field


We welcome submissions from women researchers from all disciplines who:

  • Are researchers at least at the postdoctoral level, similar level or higher.
  • Conduct a ground-breaking research project directly connected to one of the 17 SDGs which:
    • Tackles a specific gender related topic,
    • Incorporates gender equality into its design,
    • Ideally enables and empowers underserved communities through the design of the research and/or its application.
  • The research project must be running and active at the time of the submission. Being in the funding or ideation phase is not considered eligible.

Nominations that do not fit these selection criteria will not be considered for evaluation.

Please note that all nominations have to be submitted in English.
Please read our Terms and Conditions before applying.


The Winners will:

  • Receive a travel scholarship for Berlin from 6–10 November 2024 and participate in the International Fall Gathering and the Falling Walls Science Summit 2024.
  • Benefit from an increased reach and visibility for you and your research on a global level.
  • Get unique networking opportunities with global leaders in science, politics, business, and the media.
  • Become part of the inspiring Female Science Talents community and get access to the Female Science Talents community channels.
  • Become a champion that inspires the vision of gender equality in science.
  • Engage with other Falling Walls projects, including Falling Walls Venture, Falling Walls Engage, Falling Walls Lab and partners.

In addition, the Science Breakthrough of the Year in the Women’s Impact Award category will:

  • Receive a digital pitch training in October.
  • Present on the grand Breakthrough stage at the Falling Walls Science Summit on 9 November 2024 together with other Science Breakthroughs of the Year in other categories.


The Global Call for the Women’s Impact Award starts on 1 March 2024.


Click on the button above “Nominate or Apply Now”.


Select if you are nominating or applying (drop-down menu).


Select the category “Women’s Impact Award” (drop-down menu).


If you are nominating someone, nominees will get an email inviting them to complete their nomination.


Nominees and applicants will be informed about the selection process per email.


15 May

Closing of the Call for Nominations.


  • A pre-selection of applications is led by our Selection Committee.
  • A distinguished Jury consisting of up to 6 Members, among them renown scientists, partners and representatives of the Female Science Talents community, will shortlist 10 Finalists.


The Jury will select 3 Winners in the Women’s Impact Award category.


  • The Winners will be announced on the Falling Walls Female Science Talents website.
  • The Jury will announce the Breakthrough of the Year 2024 in the Women’s Impact Award category.
  • Start of travel planning.


Digital pitch training workshop and onboarding into our global community of Female Science Talents.


6–10 Nov 2024

International Fall Gathering & Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin, Germany.

7 November

In-person Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner in Berlin, Germany.


If you have further questions about the Women’s Impact Award, please reach out to:

For more information on Female Science Talents, check out our About Page. 

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