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Zhiyuan Cui

2023 Jury | Social Sciences & Humanities 2022 Social Sciences and Humanities Jury 2022 Jury | Social Sciences & Humanities Jury Format Breakthrough Day Category Social Sciences & Humanities

Jury: Social Science and Humanities

Zhiyuan Cui is a Professor at the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing (since 2004). He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the same university. He received his Ph.D in Political Science from University of Chicago in 1995 and taught at the Department of Political Science at MIT from 1995 to 2002 . He was a Fellow of The Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin (WIKO)in 2003-2004 and  was Anthony W. and Lulu C.Wang Distinguished Visiting Professor at Cornell University Law School in 2007 and 2008. His publications includes: “The Dilemma of Invisible Hand Paradigm”(1999, Economic Science Publisher, Beijing; “The Second Thought Liberalization Movement and Institutional Innovation”(Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1997), “Whither China?”(Seoul, 2003). He is a co-author (with Adam Przeworski et al) of “Sustainable Democracy”(Cambridge University Press, 1995) and the editor of Robert Unger’s “Politics”(Verso, 1997). With Gan Yang, he co-edited “The Political Economy of Reform in China” (Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1997). With Huang Ping, he co-edited “China and Globalization: Washington Consensus, Beijing Consensus or what?” (Beijing, 2005). His recent essays are translated into Korean as The Manifesto for Petty Bourgeois Socialism ( 2014). Since 2018, he serves as a member of academic committee of the Holberg Prize.

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