Waceke Wanjohi

Kenyatta University Nairobi

Waceke Wanjohi

2011 Speaker 2011 Speaker Breakthrough Day

Professor Waceke Wanjohi is a nematologist, a specialist in controlling plant nematode pests the minute underground worms that can devastate crops. Wanjohi’s current research is focused on improving crop yields in smallholder farming systems by effectively managing crop pests and pathogens, such as biocontrol of root-knot nematodes, by using indigenous fungi. She is co-founder of the Nematology Initiative of East and Southern Africa, a fast-growing regional network funded by the Gatsby Charitable Trust. Its primary aim is to build capacity in plant nematology at all levels, create awareness about the importance of nematodes, conduct collaborative research, and provide peer support. In 1996, Wanjohi also co-founded the Kenya Society of Microbiology, a professional organization of scientists in microbiology, medicine, biotechnology, food science, agriculture, and the environment. She served as chair from 2007-2009.
Wanjohi is chair of the Agricultural Science and Technology Department in the School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development at Kenyatta University. She took on this role after successfully establishing the university’s Regional Center for Capacity Development, serving as its first director. She was recently promoted from senior lecturer to associate professor.

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