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Traceless is a female-founded circular bioeconomy start-up offering a holistically sustainable alternative to conventional plastics. It’s our mission to solve global plastic pollution by making our materials applicable to products that can easily end up in the environment – from packaging to disposables to products with high abrasion and coating & adhesive solutions. Our innovative technology filed for patent for the first time allows to use food production residues to produce materials that are home compostable. While bio-based, our materials don’t cause land-use-change, don’t need any hazardous additives or solvents and have up to 87% lower CO2 emissions. Being neither chemically modified nor synthetically polymerized, we expect them not to fall under the EU Plastic Directive. And already competitive in quality, on industrial production scale our materials will even be price competitive to conventional plastic. Be part of the solution – not part of the pollution!

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