Titus Neupert

Department of Physics, University of Zurich

Titus Neupert

Finalist 2020 Finalist | Engineering & Technology 2020 Engineering and Technology

Prof. Titus Neupert studied physics in his hometown Dresden, Germany, and in Zurich, Switzerland. After his masters, he spend one year as a visiting scientist in RIKEN, Japan. In Titus’ PhD (2013, ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute), he worked on topological states with anyonic excitations, so-called fractional Chern insulators. From 2013 until 2016 he was Postdoctoral Fellow at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, USA. Since 2016 Titus is Professor for theoretical condensed matter physics at the University or Zurich. He won the following awards: Distinction from ETH and Swiss Physical Society PhD Prize (2013), Klung-Wilhelmy Prize (2019).

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