Tim Rademacher
Vilja Pursiainen

Witness Tree Project

Tim Rademacher

2022 2022 Winner | Science Engagement Winner Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Tim is a scientist with an keen interest in technology and how land plants and ecosystems work. He is also passionate about connecting people and nature. Therefore, Tim used his background in plant sciences and programming to created the Witness Tree project, which aim at making the invisible life of trees visible. For this purpose, Tim programmed simple algorithms to translate data, such as how much water moves through the stem of a tree or how fast a tree grows (the invisible) into easily understandable posts on social media that are shared with the world (the visible). When Tim is not studying how ecosystems work and how we can best manage them, he might very well be making maple syrup, hunting mushrooms, tinkering with a new technology, or simply running through the woods.

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