Ncardia Services / Maastricht University

Thomas Hutschalik

2022 Lab | Winner 2022 2022 Speaker 2022 Winner Speaker Winner Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Thomas is pursuing a PhD at Ncardia Services B.V. and the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) as part of the EU-funded PersonalizeAF network. Thomas is a biomedical engineering graduate with a Master of Science from the University of Tübingen (Germany). His professional experiences include working at the Fraunhofer Institute (IGB), developing Organ-on-a-chip devices, and supporting the implementation of digital health in the EU at the European Commission. Thomas’ international research experiences include stays at the University of Georgia (USA) and the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), receiving scholarships at both institutions. He has won several state debate championships and was a finalist in the German finale of the ‘Jugend debattiert’ competition. His award-winning research is part of the ‘PersonalizeAF’ Project, where he develops innovative tools to personalise atrial fibrillation treatments by creating disease models with a focus on cardiac inflammation.

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