2020 Science Start-ups

Thermy is a Med Tech company with the mission of improving the health and saving people’s lives through technology. Cancer is one of the biggest and deadliest challenges of our era, and breast Cancer is one of the worst. It appears in over 2,000,000 new cases every year, affecting 1 in 7 women all over the world. In Mexico and in many developing countries the things aren’t any better we have a lack of mammography units and medical radiologist for the proper screening of the disease which leads to the fact that the 75% cases are detected in late stages of the disease. That motivated us to the development of a new medical device and method for breast cancer early screening and detection, using infrared thermal images and artificial intelligence. We are a team of bionic engineers, code developers, A.I. enthusiasts, Medical and business experts a 100% committed and passionate on the cause that affects the people that we care and love.

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