Year 2017 2017 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Daniel Strohmayr

Nominated by
German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Tacterion has developed the unique tactile sensor technology “sensorskin”. Sensorskin is a stretchable sensory silicone layer for making curved, soft and complex objects sensitive to touch and pressure. Measuring pressure and touch like on a trackpad, it acts like a very soft skin layer that can be integrated into wearables and textiles, cars, steering wheels, blankets, bed linen or applied in the gaming industry. Sensorskin helps creating the next generation of intuitive Human-Machine-Interfaces and truly responsive products. Allowing technology to step back and putting the user first, the technology has the potential to revolutionise the way humans interact with technology. It enables designers to think products differently and human-centred, i.e. driven by haptics.


The patented technology was originally developed at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to give robots a sense of touch. Building on years of previous research and testing, the company brings advanced space and robotics technology to large existing user segments, from industrial use cases, consumer electronics, IoT, virtual/artificial reality, MedTech and many more.

Currently, there is no other technology to equip highly complex and soft surfaces with sensors that are flexible and durable while at the same time the materials and processes used allow for a large scale-up of the production. Tacterion aims to be at the forefront of the growing market of stretchable electronics.

While Tacterion’s approach of creating human-centred technology is designed to improve human life in general, the technology could also have a large impact especially in the healthcare sector: Built into hospital beds, it can help prevent pressure ulcers, a medical condition 10.000 people die from in Germany every year.

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