New York University

Stefano Sacanna

2022 2022 Winner | Life Sciences Winner Breakthrough Day Life Sciences

Stefano Sacanna was born and raised in Rimini, Italy. He graduated in Chemistry from the University of Bologna and obtained his Ph.D. (cum Laude) in Physical and Colloid Chemistry from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In 2008 he joined the Center for Soft Matter Research at New York University as a postdoctoral fellow. In 2013 he moved to the Molecular Design Institute at NYU where he is currently a full Professor in the Department of Chemistry. His research interests include synthesis and design of colloidal model systems, self-assembly, nanostructured and active materials. He has received numerous awards and prizes including the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the Human Frontiers Science Program Young Investigator Award, and the American Physics Society Early Career Award for Soft Matter Research.

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