2021 Winner | Venture 2021 2021 Winner Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

SolCold had a dream; to change the ancient paradigm Sun = Heating.

Instead, SolCold’s technology uses sunlight radiation to cool down objects. The stronger the sun, the stronger the cooling effect. This active cooling can be applied to any surface exposed to sunlight, saving over 50% in cooling consumption and costs while reducing carbon emissions.

Our technology is based on ‘anti-stokes fluorescence’ patented technology that combines nanotechnology, physics and chemistry. Four main layers are applied to a targeted surface: (i) a smart filter layer that blocks sun heating wavelengths and amplifies ‘useful’ wavelengths, (ii) an active cooling layer that uses sun radiation, (iii) a cooling matrix layer and (iv) a reflective & radiative cooling layer.

Three main cooling structures can be made using our technology:

• Cooling paints

• Cooling thin films

• Cooling fibers for textiles

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