Solar Aqua and Light


Solar Aqua and Light

Year 2018 2018 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Edgar Rodríguez

Nominated by
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Solar Aqua and Light has developed a grey water purification system which produces light at the same time.  Affordable and easy-to-use, the technology is aimed at rural communities and designed to improve access to both clean water and light. Based on photocatalytic processes, the water purification system uses the ultraviolet light from the sun to clean water, which then can be reused. The device contains meshes that are coated with titanium dioxide in a special manufacturing process. These meshes react with the water, resulting in the capacity to destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, and other contaminants. The water purification system is connected to a solar panel, providing LED lighting. Conveniently, the water container can also be used to collect rain water before purifying.  The combination of water treatment and light production in one device serves two purposes at once: it helps prevent diseases caused by polluted water and also reduces the risk of fire emerging due to the use of oil lamps in enclosed spaces.

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