Single Cell Discoveries

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

When a clinician decides on treatment for a cancer patient, it is crucial to know what the tumor type is. This is classically determined by analyzing a biopsy. The problem is that we then assume a tumor consists of one type of cell. Rare cell types might slip under the radar and cause problems after treatment. Single cell sequencing (scRNA-seq) allows us to analyze each cell individually so no detail is missed. This technique has been booming in the life science in the past few years. However, this technique is not easy to set up nor is it cheap. We help break down these technological and financial walls by helping with experimental setup, performing the experiments and tailored data analysis. Single Cell Discoveries helps make scRNA-seq available to researchers worldwide. We’ve also set up research collaborations with academic partners to understand HIV, Sleeping Disease and COVID-19 at the single cell level. Our goal is to make scRNA-seq available as a tool for personalized medicine.

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