Simon  Virgo

RWTH Aachen, Institute for Computational Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering (CGRE)

Simon Virgo

Finalist 2020 Finalist | Physical Sciences 2020 Physical Sciences

Born 23.12.1983, studied geology  at the RWTH Aachen and did his PhD (summa cum laude) at the same University on the dynamics on mineral vein systems in Oman (2016). In 2018, he joined the Computational geology group at RWTH Aachen to develop software for geological modeling focusing on VR and AR applications. Simon is Co-founder and CTO of Terranigma Solutions GmbH (est. 2020) and enhusiastic about technology, hacking and making. He enjoys surfing as well as ballet and contemporary dance. Simons side project is  being a digital artist at the compound company (urban and contemporary dance).

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