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Presented by
Abdul Rauf


Interactive and engaging experiments are the best way to gain and retain scientific knowledge. Our mission is to promote Scientific Culture locally and globally through interactive and innovative hands-on science activities, projects, competitions, conferences and science contests. We focus on various science popularisation programmes such as Summer Camps, Workshops, Fun Science Shows, Exhibitions, Family Science programmes, Maker Spaces and School Science Club to search Science Talent across the country and nourish them through Research and Development from our platform so that they will be able to invent and innovate for a better future.

The organisation also tries to popularise science for the general public. We have hundreds of How-to-do project guides, manuals and videos as open resource available to anyone around the world free of cost. Pakistan Science Club also brings people together across the globe from diverse disciplines and provides its members an opportunity to discuss their problems with working scientists and professionals to become inspired by first-hand interactions with fellow creative minds.


More information about
Abdul Rauf, Founder and CEO, Pakistan Science Club

Abdul Rauf is a science enthusiast and research expert who established a platform to nourish and promote science culture in Pakistan. His aim is to popularise science and technology, to search science talent and develop research and development strategies. Abdul Rauf is a science education expert who encourages students and teachers to pursue science by passion and facilitates their access to science by providing training workshops and sessions to adopt project-based learning and inquiry-based approach. He established a Pakistan Science Club, a platform to invoke science enthusiasm among young students and teachers.

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