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Science Fuse

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Science Fuse is a social enterprise working to improve the quality of science education among 3- to 14-year-olds. We are working to change how science is perceived and communicated both inside and outside classrooms in Pakistan. We curate informal STEM learning programs, student engagement programs, teacher training and informal science learning resources to nurture interest and understanding of science among children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, especially girls from underserved communities.

Lala Rukh Fazal-Ur-Rahman is a science communicator and founder of Science Fuse, a social enterprise offering informal science education to children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in Pakistan. She studied biotechnology at university & has been working as a science communicator for the last 8 years, earlier at a Norwegian social enterprise, Forskerfabrikken and later at the Science Museum London before moving to Pakistan in 2016. She is an Acumen Fellow 2018 and a Malala Fund Education Champion 2020 from Pakistan.

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