Ruth Morgan

UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences and UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences

Ruth Morgan

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Ruth Morgan is Professor of Crime and Forensic Science in the UCL Department of Security and Crime Science, Vice Dean (Interdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship) in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, and the Founder and Director of the UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences. The Centre facilitates a network of UCL academics from a wide range of different disciplines and departments to enable a strategic and multidisciplinary research programme in collaboration with external partners and forensic science stakeholders.

Professor Ruth Morgan was one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Scientists (Class of 2019) and was the Specialist Adviser to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee for their inquiry into Forensic Science (2018-19). She is a member of the Editorial Board for Frontiers Policy Labs and has been a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council, and part of the Scientific American and World Economic Forum Steering Group for the 2020 ‘Top 10 Emerging Technologies’. Ruth is a regular speaker (including a TED talk) and commentator on forensic science and the role of science in policy, and a strong advocate for enabling interdisciplinary approaches that bring diverse ways of thinking, seeing and doing to address global challenges.

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