Year 2019 2019 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Michael Suppa

DLR, German Aerospace Center


Reliable perception solutions are the key to enabling robots to flexibly operate in unknown, unstructured environments such as households/ homes, (health) care facilities or small and medium enterprises. Roboception GmbH develops software and hardware products for real-time perception, localization and action planning of robotic systems – or in very simple terms: the company provides ‘eyes and brains’ for robots. Roboception’s rc_visard sensor family supports a variety of robot applications, ranging from bin-picking to navigation. The four versions of the rc_visard feature two different baselines (65 mm, 160 mm) and a color or monochrome acquisition capacity.

With its onboard processing capabilities, the sensor can be integrated directly into applications, obviating the need for external computers. An intuitive web interface enables an easy set-up and configuration. Last, but not least, multiple sensors can easily operate without interference in the same work space.

All rc_visards come with the same basic software package that can be further enhanced by optional components from the rc_reason software suite. These can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard, and intuitively operated through the sensor’s standard user interface.

The solutions include highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, parametrization and programming, hence a detailed robotic knowledge is not required for their setup and operation. Designed as plug-and-produce solutions, they are compatible with a variety of robotic platforms. On top of this, customer-specific solutions are developed in compliance with individual production requirements.

Following the concept of “Sense. Reason. Act”, Roboception’s solutions close the robotic perception-action loop.

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