Richa Malhotra

2015 Press Fellow 2015 Press Fellow

Richa Malhotra is a freelance writer who contributes to Science, BBC, New Scientist and Nature India, among others.


1. Why did you choose to become a science journalist?

I stumbled upon a science writing internship while completing my post-graduate studies in biology and that’s how I got away from a life in the lab.


2. What role do science and science communication play in your country?

India has seen massive media coverage of its space programmes, such as the Mars mission, which got people quite excited – and rightly so. But, I’d like to see more of basic sciences, and the sheer joy of doing science, being communicated to the public.

I also want more scientists to speak out as the country jostles with development at the cost of environment and issues like research funding.


3. In your opinion, which are the walls that will have to fall in science and society within the next five years?

In India I’d like the wall between scientists and journalists to fall. If we want to inform our masses of what’s going on in the scientific silos, that’s one thing we definitely need.

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