Ribbon Biolabs

2022 2022 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Ribbon Biolabs is a biotech startup pursuing a new technology for the automated synthesis of long DNA molecules. It’s our ambition to act as a breakthrough-enabler for biotechnology and biopharma by replacing classic recombinant technologies for DNA synthesis.

Current DNA technologies are limited to high-throughput production of small DNA molecules, while the assembly of larger constructs still relies on slower and expensive cloning techniques. Ribbon Biolabs has developed a drastically different technology, enabling the automated high-throughput production of DNA molecules of unprecedented lengths (up to 100K bp against 2k-3k bp capability of current de novo DNA synthesis technologies). This will not only save time and costs for discovery and production in biopharma but ultimately allow for the realization of more ambitious R&D projects, new product development and technologies.

The final beneficiaries of Ribbon Biolabs’ technology are the patients in need, who will gain access to more and better solutions for different diseases such as diverse types of cancers, congenital metabolic disorders and mass-population demanding preventive biologics (e.g. vaccines).

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