University of Stuttgart

Reinhold Ewald

Professor at the Institute of Space Systems

Prof. Ewald received his doctorate at the University of Cologne in 1986 with a thesis on radio astronomy with a minor in human physiology. From his work as a project manager at DLR he was appointed to the German astronaut team in 1990 and flew to the MIR space station in 1997 after training periods in Russia. The 20-day space flight MIR’97 was mainly aimed at medical experiments. From 1999 Prof. Ewald supported the flights of the ESA astronaut colleagues to the International Space Station ISS in various leading positions. For this purpose he led the ground teams at the ESA Columbus Control Center in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich to the operational readiness for the Columbus installation mission 2008 and the subsequent operation of the ESA laboratory module docked to the ISS. After secondments to the ESA headquarters in Paris, among others, he retired from ESA in 2018. Since 2015 he has been appointed Professor of Astronautics and Space Stations at the University of Stuttgart, where he supervises students and doctoral candidates with topics in astronautics (including regenerative life support systems) and space exploration.