Real Research – LifeGel


Real Research - LifeGel

Year 2017 2017 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Marcin Krzykawski

Nominated by
Klaster LifeScience


LifeGel is a hydrogel for cultivating 3D cell cultures that makes in vitro cell culture-based research more effective. By creating an environment to grow human cells as if they were part of the human body, LifeGel helps scientists to mimic the human body in the laboratory and achieve better results in drug testing.

Cell cultures are used in countless lab tests in the world, especially in the drug development process. Today a big part of these in vitro first screenings is being done on 2D basic plastic dishes that deliver unsatisfactory results. It often happens that testing a potential drug in a mono-layer (2D) environment brings the expected results, but later in a 3D environment, the drug loses its therapeutic characteristics. The other way around, scientists run the risk of discarding a potentially functioning drug because it gives false results in experiments done in 2D cultures, while it could prove to be effective if tested in an environment that resembles that of a human body – a 3D environment. Due to the competitive price, Real Research’s LifeGel allows scientists to perform the most effective science at the very beginning of the research process in drug testing. Their goal is to make LifeGel as 3D medium for cell cultures a preferred and widely used tool for research, thus advancing the development of life-saving drugs.

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