Sudan Academy

Razan Hisham

2022 Winner | Lab 2022 2022 Winner Speaker Winner Lab Finalist Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Razan Hisham is a student at the Sudan Academy. She has gained experience in content and copywriting, as well as social media work at different organisations, such as the Falcon Foundation, Hafawa Health Organization, Ashanak initiative, Daria Real Estate, and TEDxYouth AlKalakla. She has worked as project manager at Kon Company and held the Head of Human Development position at the You Are Capable Organization. She is trained in Python, C++, as well as Arduino programming. Razan Hisham owns three patents in artificial intelligence, one of them being for a mattress for patients with thrombosis and dermatologic bedsores. She won first place in the ‘Yalla Innovate’ competition, which honours innovation. She has been a speaker at different conferences and seminars.

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