Ranga Yogeshwar

Science Journalist

Ranga Yogeshwar

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Regarded as one of the leading independent science journalists in Germany, Ranga Yogeshwar is interested in bringing science to the general public. He received major media awards for his journalistic contributions and book publications. He draws attention to his personal concerns about innovation and education in Germany and Europe through regular television appearances.

Yogeshwar graduated from RWTH University Aachen with a diploma degree in physics. In 1987 he joined the German TV station Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln, where he oversaw the Science group. Since 2008, he works as an independent science journalist.

For his work Ranga has received over 50 media-prizes in various disciplines. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Department of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering of Wuppertal University in 2009. The bestselling author lives with his wife and four children in Hennef, Germany.

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